Rocket Science is a social media marketing agency with big ideas and a passion to match.

About Us

We specialise in social media for tech brands and creative agencies. We believe you need experts to thrive, so we stick to what we’re best at.

Rocket Science Digital | integrated digital marketing

We create social media strategy and campaigns that get brands noticed and talked about – for all the right reasons.

Founded in 2014 as a full-service digital agency, we quickly realised our unique experience made us the ideal partner for technology brands and creative agencies, so we specialised. Unlikely bedfellows? We don’t think so. We bring creative thinking to technology businesses and create campaigns that make you stand out from the crowd.

That same creativity drives our passion for partnering with creative and branding agencies, to give you a ready-made social media solution to offer your clients.

We’ve helped brands develop their social media strategies for awareness and revenue growth.We’ve raised the profiles of CEOs and CTOs to stimulate investment through industry leadership. We manage day-to-day social media posting in multiple languages for pan-European clients. We run direct outreach campaigns on LinkedIn to start conversations with your most important target customers.

Our paid social campaigns drive new followers and leads at highly-competitive cost-per-click rates (although we always strive to improve!) We’ve a keen eye for a landing page and know how to help you increase conversion rates. And we understand better than anyone else that social needs to drive revenue – it’s not just a vanity project.

Our job is to solve your problems, alleviate your headaches and let you concentrate on doing what you do best.

So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level but you need some help in getting there, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you.

What Our Clients Say

Why Choose Rocket Science?

Rocket Science Digital | integrated digital marketing
  • Specialists in social for tech and creatives

    We don’t claim to be full-service or all-encompassing. We do have the experience, know-how and passion to do social marketing very well indeed for the audiences we’re expert in.

  • We have the time you don't

    Doing social media marketing well is very time-consuming. Most clients don’t have that time to spare, so they come to us.

  • We know what makes social platforms tick

    Social media platforms are notorious for changing their algorithms at the drop of a hat. Working with them day-in, day-out we’re able to keep up with changes for consistent results.

  • We've got happy clients

    We’re only successful if our clients are – so we go above and beyond to make sure every client is delighted with our work and their results every time.

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