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Microsoft's own search engine, Bing, gets around 10% of all search traffic globally - so while it's far smaller than Google it certainly shouldn't be overlooked.

Bing is ignored by many advertisers, but as the default search engine for both Yahoo and Internet Explorer it has distinct benefits. For starters, the audience tends to be different to Google, so you can tap into a whole new group of potential customers.

Secondly, because Bing Ads aren’t as widely used as Google Adwords, you can usually get clicks at a lower cost. So you can take advantage of Microsoft’s captive audience of Internet Explorer users and drive targeted PPC traffic for less.

Highly Targeted Audiences

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Bing is also the default search engine built into Microsoft’s Xbox. With an audience of Internet Explorer users, Yahoo customers and Xbox gamers, Bing Ads offer very precise targeting and can often reach niche audiences who can be hard to pinpoint via other platforms. If you have a specific range of products or services and a clear picture of who your targets customers are, Bing Ads can be a very effective form of PPC marketing.

Bing Ads has one other huge benefit – they are currently leading the market in development of voice search. With over 50% of search being predicted to be via voice search in the next 2 years, that’s a definite plus point.

Due to the audience differences, if clients choose to run PPC on both Google Ads and Bing we create specific campaigns for each platform. One size doesn’t fit all in paid search, so we work with you to tailor campaigns designed to appeal to the specific characteristics of each audience for increased conversion rates.

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