The Road to Content Engagement

Jon Simmonds

Published: 27/09/2019

Businesses face a tougher challenge in keeping customers interested in their products and services than ever before in the history of marketing. So content engagement is a key factor for success.

The rise of mobile browsing and the proliferation of screen sizes and types have put the consumer firmly at the centre of the digital universe.

Traditional marketing tactics are now considered intrusive, so content marketing needs to be more personal, more relevant and provide greater value. In short, it has to work far harder to earn its keep.

Business owners have to ask themselves several crucial questions when developing and reviewing their content marketing strategy:

  • Is my content engaging my existing visitors and attracting new ones?
  • Am I delivering the right content on the right device at the right time?
  • Where are my most engaged and highest-converting customers coming from?
  • How can I improve my content to meet campaign goals and boost ROI?

Who, where, what?

Knowing that visitors who arrive at your site from Twitter on a tablet watch videos, while those from organic search read short blog posts on their smartphones helps you ensure they find exactly the content which will push their triggers, no matter how they find you or what device they’re using. In turn, that saves you having to create a whole lot of extraneous content which may never show positive ROI.

Personally, I’d be all over my analytics to test and tweak other content journeys to get similar results.

But less than a third of businesses have that kind of data, according to recent studies. Well, actually, they have it but aren’t using it. It’s all sitting there behind the scenes of your website just waiting to be used, but finding the time, people or know-how to make the most of it gets pushed way down the ‘to-panic-about’ list.

Don’t be Bono!

When you think about it in bricks-and-mortar terms, that’s like having a massive billboard advertising cat food then stocking your shop windows with washing powder. Potential customers see your ad, come to take a look but just like Bono, don’t find what they’re looking for. And you don’t want your customers to be Bono do you?

Taking time to understand how hard your content is working isn’t a nice-to-have any more, it’s an essential part of the growth, success and profitability of your business. Let’s face it, if you’re creating the wrong kind of content, you’re wasting all the budget you’re spending on it. And always remember, the ‘wrong’ content doesn’t mean it’s not great content, it’s just not what your visitors want.

Knowing what customers love

Once you know what content your visitors love, you’ve got all the tools you need to keep creating more of it. That lets you focus on creating great marketing ‘stories’ while your customers spread the word and give you invaluable peer recommendations by sharing your content. In effect, your customers end up doing your marketing for you!

Sounds like a winner to me. Bono’s pretty happy about it too.