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Google is the world's largest search engine, making Google Ads the prime choice for any business that wants to reach more customers.

Decide on your keywords, set your budget, create compelling ads – then you’re off. Paid search perfectly complements your other digital marketing tactics, as it ensures customers who are looking for what you offer find you without delay. And because paid search is highly targeted, you can be sure you only get relevant visitors who know exactly what to expect.

Results At The Right Price

We take time to understand your business and the audience you want to reach, to make sure our search strategy matches your business goals. Then we help you develop keywords which accurately represent your business while also being popular with people searching for the products or services you offer.

Which means you get high visibility and targeted traffic at an acceptable cost-per-click.

We work with both Paid Search Ads and Display Ads within Google Ads (the new name for Google Adwords). You can use each by itself, or combine the two for maximum benefit. Read on to find out what each can offer…

Paid Search Advertising

Target the right customers at the right time

Paid search advertising is the classic form of PPC everyone’s familiar with – the text ads which appear at the top and bottom of Google search results pages (also known as SERPs). They’re highly targeted, ensuring you only spend money on customers who exactly match your target audience demographics.

Your ads only appear when a searcher enters the keywords you’ve specified, so you know straight away they have a high level of interest in your products or services. That makes them a prime candidate for converting once they hit your website.

Raise Brand Awareness

Paid search ads are also perfect for creating brand awareness. Customers may not know your brand when they begin searching, but if they type in ‘pet products’ or ‘men’s shoes’ or ‘design software’ or, well… anything you choose… your brand will appear right at the top of the search results page. Which puts you one step ahead of your competition.

That also makes paid search the perfect strategy for a new business to develop some very quick visibility in the market, as well as being a great way for existing businesses to complement their SEO and social media marketing strategies.

Display Advertising

Get creative with paid ad formats

Display ads, also known as banner ads, differ from paid search ads in that they appear on 3rd-party websites rather than within the Google SERPs. Google’s display advertising network is by far the largest, which is why display advertising is generally grouped with Google Adwords.

The Google Display Network accepts ads in a wide variety of formats, making it very versatile. You can use text, image, video and even interactive ads, then decide which sites you want them to show on. Display ads use a slightly different strategy to PPC ads – they have a wider reach but are less targeted, so you may see lower clickthroughs but wider distribution. So they’re extremely good for brand awareness when combined with other forms of digital marketing.

More Formats, More Engagement

The enhanced ad formats of display also make up for the less precise targeting. Research has shown that searchers are highly likely to engage with video or interactive ads, giving them potentially greater brand recall through engagement.

At Rocket Science, we believe in fully integrated digital marketing so we evaluate the potential of display ads in every PPC campaign. If we think they’re right for your business we’ll recommend including them in your PPC campaigns and testing results as the campaign progresses.

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