The LinkedIn Masterclass

Learn the proven system to generate new business every week with just 20 minutes activity a day

Accolades For The LinkedIn Masterclass

Hear what previous attendees have said...

“I have taken part in several LinkedIn workshops, but this one was the best. Jon not only is an expert in his field but he also genuinely cares about his clients.”

Marlena O’Donnell
The Resilience & Results Specialist

Jon has a knack of helping you to focus on the most important pieces missing in your LinkedIn jigsaw, so you can make the right changes to move forward.”

Andy Steer
Vividly Simple

The most useful online training I have attended. I felt so inspired I made some immediate changes to my own profile and the advice Jon gave has had immediate effect and created much more engagement.”

Kathryn Fell
Kathryn Fell Photography

Is The Training Right For You?

How would the future of your business look if you consistently generated more warm leads every week?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the LinkedIn Masterclass will help maximise your use of LinkedIn to drive new leads and generate new revenue…

  • Do you need to generate new leads and new business?
  • Do you want new clients to find you instead of having to hunt them out?
  • Can you spare 20 minutes a day to grow your business?
  • Do you want your business to thrive through the recession?
  • Are competitors using LinkedIn more effectively?

Create a Consistent Flow of Leads – Guaranteed

No matter what your level of experience with LinkedIn, with just 20 minutes activity a day you can build a consistent stream of new business

This method has generated thousands of warm leads for clients and generates a consistent stream of leads and new business for my own agency, Rocket Science.

LinkedIn use has skyrocketed since the pandemic began.

Because if you can’t do business face-to-face, where do you do business? Online.

In a world where relationships are more important than ever, LinkedIn gives you the perfect platform to build solid business relationships.

What Results Can You Expect?

Here's what applying this exact process generates for my business in an average month...

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Content Views Per Month
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New Connections Per Month
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New Revenue

What Will You Learn in The Masterclass?

The LinkedIn Leads System Masterclass covers...


With over 700 million users on LinkedIn, it’s essential that your profile stands out from the rest. Even if you’ve already optimised your profile the LinkedIn Masterclass will show you areas to improve and give specific examples of some of the very best profiles on the platform.

  • The 5 key areas of your profile you MUST focus on first to attract new clients
  • How to position yourself as an authority in your field and the expert for clients to turn to
  • The anatomy of the PERFECT LinkedIn header image
  • How to 'borrow' your competitors' best moves without them having any idea you're doing it
  • The inside SEO techniques top agencies use to get your profile found in LinkedIn searches


Pinpointing who you want to work with is crucial to successfully generating leads and winning new business on LinkedIn. Only when you REALLY understand who your ideal customer is and what you offer them can you hope to win them.

  • Create REALISTIC user personas to help you target your ideal prospects on LinkedIn
  • BONUS: take away our tried-and-tested user persona creation template for free
  • Use LinkedIn search like a pro - including Boolean operators for ULTIMATE accuracy
  • Stop wasting time, know which of your prospects are ACTIVE on LinkedIn and which aren't


You’ll learn how to exponentially grow your network of highly targeted, relevant connections. A larger network makes it far easier to generate revenue. This is the basis for everything else you do.

  • How to ensure your connections are targeted, relevant and likely to become customers
  • BONUS: I'll share the connection request template I use to get up to 75% ACCEPTANCE on cold connection requests
  • How to find who your competitors are connected to - and connect with them yourself
  • The overlooked tactic to manage your connections to get HIGHER ENGAGEMENT on every post


Content is at the heart of winning new business on LinkedIn. It’s your chance to position yourself as the go-to expert, share your knowledge and pitch without a hard sell.

  • Learn the 6 types of CORE CONTENT that build relationships, sell your products/services and drive leads
  • Find out when and how often to post - the NUMBER ONE QUESTION clients ask us when starting on LinkedIn
  • Should you use a personal profile, company page or both? Learn what works and what doesn't
  • Learn the secrets of getting thousands of views on every post, to skyrocket your visibility


This system ISN’T ABOUT sending out the spammy sales messages we all hate. In fact it’s the opposite of that. It’s about building genuine connections with people who want to hear what you have to say.

Find out why one client said: “A refreshing change in tone from a spate of hard sales messages sent immediately on the back of connection requests that I’ve had recently.

  • Learn how to create messages your ideal clients will read and respond positively to
  • Build a message sequence that give prospects value, keeps them engaged and turns them into clients
  • Learn how to use your 'Circle of Trust' to find ideal clients and get them to make sales enquiries with you
  • Increase sales enquiries with just 20 minutes effort a day on LinkedIn


I’ll give you the exact daily activity plan I’ve used to grow clients’ businesses and my own agency using LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Masterclass isn’t just  theory, it’s a practical how-to guide on generating leads via LinkedIn.

  • The 5 key activities you need to carry out in order to generate new leads on LinkedIn every week
  • How to use 20 minutes effectively every day to turn the activities into warm leads and new business
  • A detailed action plan you can start following as soon as the Masterclass is finished
  • A guarantee that if the system doesn't generate new leads, I'll refund your Masterclass cost in full

Your Guarantee

I guarantee this process will work for you because it works for me and for my clients.


As a social media marketing agency we use LinkedIn very successfully for clients and ourselves, to generate new connections and leads.


We live what we teach day in, day out.


If you follow the process you learn in the LinkedIn Masterclass and don’t see any new warm leads within 60 days I’ll refund your fee in full.

The LinkedIn Masterclass Will Show You How To…

  • Define Compelling Objectives
  • Create Perfect User Personas
  • Hyper-Optimise Your Profile
  • Use Advanced LinkedIn Targeting
  • Create an Epic Content Strategy
  • Beat The LinkedIn Algorithm
  • Generate Direct Leads
  • Perfect Connection Requests
  • Turbocharge Content Engagement
  • Nurture Profitable Relationships

The LinkedIn Masterclass shows you the proven process for generating new leads and revenue via LinkedIn – backed by a full-refund guarantee.


Register today and ensure you have the tools to not only survive the recession, but to grow your business.

Learn Our Tried-And-Tested Strategy

You’ll come away from the training with the exact strategy we use to generate business for ourselves and clients, plus an in-depth understanding of how LinkedIn actually works ‘under the hood.’

We’ve developed, tested and adapted the strategy over the past 5 years. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t so we can save you the time, effort and expense of having to figure it out for yourself.

Free Bonus – Customisable Templates!

  • Develop powerful user personas for pinpoint targeting
  • Plan and schedule your LinkedIn posts for optimum performance
  • Discover pitch-perfect connection requests that get connections
  • Develop effective follow-up messages to targeted audiences
  • Test different message variants and track performance
  • Track connection requests, connection rate and responses

About Your Trainer

I’m Jon, and I’ve been using LinkedIn for myself and clients for over 15 years.

From that experience I developed the 20-Minute LinkedIn Leads System to attract your ideal client, sell products and services in a non-salesy way, build strong relationships and, ultimately, generate more business.

I set up my agency to run social media marketing campaigns for clients, then decided I also wanted to train business owners how to do it for themselves.

Many organisations would happily run their own social selling programmes rather than pay agency fees – if they only knew how.

So the LinkedIn Masterclass was born!

This method has generated thousands of warm leads for clients and generates a consistent stream of leads and new business for Rocket Science.

And it only takes 20 minutes a day to make it work for you.

Stand out


Get leads

Win clients

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