Social Media Retargeting

Target ads to people who already visited your site

Targeted Remarketing Converts Customers

When someone visits your website but doesn't convert, you can serve them new ads to remind them of your brand.

Because you’re showing ads to people who have already shown a serious interest in your product or service by visiting your website, conversion rates from retargeting are high. Use text, image or video ads to deliver compelling follow-up messages to your most engaged prospects. For example, if someone visited your site but didn’t sign up for that upcoming webinar, you can use remarketing ads to encourage them to come back, even offering a promotion or freebie as an incentive if you like.

We run PPC remarketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram so you can be sure your ads are seen on some of the most popular platforms in the universe. You can even use lookalike audiences to target potential customers who haven’t yet visited your site, but have very similar characteristics and behaviours to people who have.

Social Media Retargeting Ads

Today’s online buyer journey is neither straight nor short.

Consumers and business buyers alike switch between social media platforms to find info on products and services, they visit your website, they visit your competitors, they visit review sites…

To keep customers on track, social media retargeting ads reconnect your brand with those shoppers who’ve already visited your site or social channels and have yet to convert, reminding them why you’re the best choice for them.

Our social media management can include the setup, targeting, and optimisation of retargeting ads across the major social media platforms. We use a number of targeting options to serve your social media campaigns, reminding potential customers to revisit your products or service they’ve already expressed interest in – these leads have the highest chance of converting.

Pixel-based retargeting

Pixel-based retargeting places an unobtrusive piece of JavaScript (also referred to as a cookie) into a user’s web browser to track the pages and products that this person views. The cookie then notifies the ad networks chosen by the advertiser to serve specific ads to that user based on what they browsed.

How do social media retargeting ads work?

Making your brand visible across a number of online channels provides ongoing brand recognition, influencing customers to convert to your brand.

Once we set up either an organic or paid social media campaign for you, a social media retargeting strategy will support brand awareness and exposure, while increasing sales conversions, ultimately growing your market share in the industry.

As shoppers browse other corners of the web after they leave your site, retargeted social media advertising reminds them to revisit your site via an ad that’s featured on their social media feeds.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook make it easy for our social media agency to create retargeting ads in a variety of formats, which we determine based on your target demographic. When someone visits your site, views a page, or adds a product to cart, a retargeting pixel installed by us creates a cookie that tracks that visitor. That cookie lets us know when your visitors bounce without completing a goal, appearing on a social media platform – this is when we serve highly-targeted and relevant retargeting ads to that visitor, based on their previous engagement and buyer’s intent.

This extremely targeted form of remarketing will become more optimized and refined over the course of the campaign, displaying your retargeting ads to the perfect audience at the perfect time.