From setting up your first online store to taking your business international – we’re here to help.

The Science of Online Sales

How do you increase the value of each transaction? How do you reduce cart abandonment rates? How do you drive repeat sales from existing customers?

Customer journeys must be clear and effective. Product page & checkout design need to be optimised for conversion. And you have to understand and act on customer behaviour.

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What We Do For You

The team behind Rocket Science has been optimising online shopping experiences since eCommerce first hit the internet. We know what makes people buy and what makes happy shoppers.

  • Customer journey testing

    We go through every purchase flow as a customer would – and find out where and why they drop off.

  • Decisions based on data

    We analyse your store data to ensure everything we do is supported up by real customer activity, not guesswork.

  • Review commerce content

    Do your product pages say what the customer wants to know or what your brand thinks is important?

  • Cart & checkout review

    Are your payment, delivery & returns options deterring buyers? Is your registration process too complex?

  • Mobile optimisation

    Over 50% of online purchases come from mobile devices – your store needs to be easy to use on small screens.

  • Evaluate & recommend platforms

    Which of the many eCommerce platforms, payment providers and other systems is right for you? We’ll help narrow the choice.

Whether you want to set up your first online shop to sell to a whole new audience or take your existing online sales international, Rocket Science can make the process a whole lot simpler and less daunting.

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