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Tweets, posts & pins – we take care of them all. Boosting awareness of your brand, growing your audience & increasing conversions.

The Art of Getting Social

Social media for business can feel like a huge amount of effort for very little reward. You get sucked into spending hours trawling social media for just a couple of likes. That’s why a social media strategy and content plan are all-important in our social media management services.

Increasing brand visibility, followers and website traffic via social media is an art. You need the right content in the right place at the right time. More than that, you need to actively engage with your audience – that’s why it’s called ‘social’.

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What We Do For You

Rocket Science get your brand seen by as many relevant people as possible. We build a schedule of social media content, post it to your channels and monitor its effectiveness. We’ll even create the content if you want us to.

  • Managing Social Media

    We’ll post, tweet & pin on your behalf – either with content you provide or content we create for you.

  • Growing Followers & Fans

    We research your fan base and find more like them – then we hunt out brand new audiences you haven’t approached yet.

  • Creating Engaging Content

    Our team will produce fresh, fun, informative social media content matched to your brand’s tone of voice and character.

  • Content Plans & Calendars

    We plan all social media activity into content calendars and monitor what works best and when, so we can optimise.

  • Paid Social Adverts

    Expand your audience reach with paid social ads, to get your brand in front of more people targeted by specific criteria.

  • Converting Social to Sales

    We take people on a social journey with your brand, with the ultimate goal being to turn them into a satisfied customer.

It doesn’t stop there… we develop conversations and rapport with your audience. Social media management includes engaging with them in the way you don’t have time to – liking, sharing and commenting as well as replying to their comments.

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