User Experience

Visitors take just 7 seconds to form an impression of your site. Make that experience a good one.

User Experience

Why User Experience Matters

Is your website getting enough sign-ups, sales and conversions? Or could it be working harder for you? If visitors can’t achieve what they want quickly and easily it’s almost certain they won’t persevere.

Your website sets the tone for what visitors expect from your business. If they have a poor user experience, they’re unlikely to become a customer. With a competitor’s website just a click away, you don’t want to disappoint.

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What We Do For You

Rocket Science approach every website as a customer. We see it through their eyes and look for the things they’ll find confusing, distracting or difficult. Here’s how it works:

  • Review your website

    We run an exhaustive review of your site, going through it just as a real customer would, to find the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Outline priorities

    We write up all the things we think could be improved and talk it through with you to get your input.

  • Produce wireframes

    Once we agree the order to tackle changes, we create wireframes to show how the site will look after they’re made.

  • Review & revise

    We review the wireframes with you in detail, for your feedback and questions. Then we update, rinse and repeat!

  • Make the changes

    With the wireframes approved it’s time to put the changes live; we can do it for you or liaise with your current web agency.

  • Launch & test

    Time for lift-off! Your updated site goes live and we monitor improvements in conversions, sign-ups, sales & user satisfaction.

We work collaboratively with clients to improve customer experience for your website visitors. We take time to understand what your business needs and what your customers want. Then we show how you can optimise your website to mesh the two harmoniously.

Let’s make happy customers.

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