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Getting your site found organically via SEO takes time. Using paid search gets you instantly to the top of the search results and starts driving relevant traffic immediately.

Decide on your keywords, set your budget, create compelling ads – then you’re off. Paid search (PPC) perfectly complements your other digital marketing tactics, as it ensures customers who are looking for what you offer find you without delay. And because paid search is highly targeted, you can be sure you only get relevant visitors who know exactly what to expect.

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Google Ads (formerly Adwords)

Using a combination of paid search (PPC) and Display ads, we pair human creativity with machine learning to develop high-converting paid search campaigns.

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Retargeting Campaigns

Target previous visitors to your website with new ads as they move around the web. We work with the two main remarketing platforms, Google and Facebook.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising

With organic visibility on social media declining rapidly, paid advertising on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is the perfect way to reach new customers.

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Bing Ads Management

Paid search is more than just Google. Microsoft’s Bing still attracts just over 10% of all PPC traffic, making it another valuable weapon in your search arsenal.

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Why Use Paid Search Advertising?

As well as getting instant visibility in the world's largest search engine, there are a number of very good reasons for any business to invest in PPC.

  • Pinpoint targeting

    Once you’ve defined your keywords and set up the ads, you  know they’ll reach exactly the right people at the precise time they’re searching for products or services like yours. Advertising doesn’t get more focused than that.

  • Predictable results

    Predictable doesn’t mean dull where it comes to your marketing spend. With PPC, you’ll find that search ranking, traffic volumes and budget spend are more predictable and manageable than with SEO, or many other forms of advertising.

  • Free brand awareness

    Even if searchers don’t directly click on one of your ads, they still see your brand at the top of the page. And brand recall for PPC is very high, meaning they’ll remember and are likely to visit your site independently. The bonus of that is you’re not paying for the clickthrough. Result!

  • High conversion rates

    Due to their precise targeting and the ability to link to specific landing pages or purchase pages, PPC ads tend to have very good conversion rates. Far more so that general PPC or organic social media campaigns.

  • Control & flexibility

    You can measure every facet of your PPC campaigns and make real-time adjustments. Test headline variations, destination URLs, different ad copy and many other variables. Changes happen almost instantly and can be tracked against previous results.

  • Speed

    SEO takes time to filter through to the search engines, meaning you could be losing customers while you wait. With paid search your campaigns show up immediately and only to a relevant audience.

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