PPC Remarketing (Retargeting)

Target ads to people who already visited your site

Targeted Remarketing Converts Customers

If someone visits your website but doesn't convert, serve them ads to remind them of your brand.

PPC remarketing is one of the most effective forms of paid search advertising. Because you’re showing ads to people who have already shown a serious interest in your product or service by visiting your website, conversion rates from retargeting are high. Use text, image or video ads to deliver compelling follow-up messages to your most engaged prospects.¬†For example, if someone has visited your site but abandoned their basket before completing the checkout, you can use remarketing ads to encourage them to come back.

We run PPC remarketing campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook, so you can be sure your ads are seen on two of the largest platforms in the universe. You can even use lookalike audiences to target potential customers who haven’t yet visited your site, but have similar characteristics and behaviours to people who have.

The Different Types of Remarketing Ads

Google Adwords Remarketing

PPC remarketing with Google Ads allows you to target your ad campaigns throughout the Google Display Network. With the enormous reach of Google, you can be sure that visitors to your site will see your remarketing ads on sites they visit. You can cap the frequency so visitors aren’t bombarded with ads or made to feel as though you’re following them around. We can also target ads using YouTube (owned by Google) so you get the combined power of video and retargeting to deliver an even more powerful message.

Social Media Remarketing

We can also run PPC remarketing ads on Facebook, if you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website (we can help with that if not.) These ads would show only when a previous visitor to your site is on Facebook, which allows you to tailor the creative very effectively. Facebook’s audience targeting options are highly detailed, so you’re able to customise ads to a high degree. For example, if you have products which are more popular with young women than older men, you can create ads promoting those products and ensure they’re only shown to the most relevant audience groups.

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