Satisfied Clients

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

Rocket Science Digital has a long track record of achieving exceptional digital marketing results for our clients in the B2B SaaS, technology and fintech markets. But we would say that wouldn’t we? So we thought we’d let a few of our satisfied clients tell you what it’s like to work with us in their own words.

What They Say...

Gordon Cowan

CEO, Cybrilliance (Cyber Security)

In addition to Jon’s exceptional skills in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies, he also possesses an extraordinary skill set in creating LinkedIn strategies for companies in technical industries.

Jon has a deep understanding of the nuances and challenges that come with B2B, especially in complex fields like cyber resilience, fintech and SaaS. He has a keen eye for identifying the unique selling points of a company and crafting messaging that resonates with the target audience on LinkedIn.

Through his strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, Jon has been able to create LinkedIn strategies that have helped our cyber resilience business establish its brand, generate leads, and achieve our business objectives. His ability to tailor messaging and content to specific audiences, combined with his expertise in content, contact, and social media marketing, make him a valuable asset to any company looking to improve their performance on LinkedIn.

Therefore, I highly recommend Jon to any company in the cyber resilience /security industry that needs a professional with exceptional skills in developing and implementing effective LinkedIn strategies. With Jon’s experience and expertise, the company can be assured of a successful and impactful LinkedIn presence.

Gordon Cowan - Cybrilliance CEO
David B. Robson

David B. Robson

Managing Director, Archemys (SaaS Professional Services platform)

I worked with Rocket Science in one of the most difficult of market sectors – the commercialisation of public sector services. We brought new goals and developed strategies to achieve them that were within budgets. Jon’s abilities to concurrently build, articulate and support strategies that were fit for purpose and pragmatically achievable played a fundamental role.

Carla Garcia-Panzano

Global Communications Manager, Exasol (SaaS Big Data platform)

We love working with you guys and our social media presence has seen a significant improvement thanks to your hard work and passion.

Carla Garcia-Panzano
Dan Thomas

Dan Thomas

Managing Director, GTXM (Sales Enablement consultancy)

Rocket Science did an outstanding job of developing and implementing our content, contact and social media marketing strategy. Working in a highly technical field, in which we provide sales enablement to tech vendors in the built environment sector, Jon’s team grasped our objectives and successfully built out and communicated our messaging across multiple channels.

Jennie Madge

Marketing Director, Blue Peak Accounting (Financial Services)

We want to say a big thank you for all the support you have provided Blue Peak, our social media gets so many compliments and the brand awareness from your hard work has been amazing.

Jennie Madge headshot

Whether you want to develop a full, end-to-end digital marketing strategy, improve your business’s social media performance or run paid social advertising across the full B2B marketing funnel, please do get in touch. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied clients.