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Small Business Marketing Catch-22

by rocketsciencedigital on March 27, 2020 No comments

We recently ran a survey on behalf of a client, asking 5000 SMBs what their biggest business headache is. Almost a third – 28% to be exact – said marketing.

In fact, small business marketing was one of the top 3 headache-inducers for over 75% of respondents.

That won’t surprise anybody who’s ever run their own business…

In the early days, it’s all marketing

Because you have few (if any) clients, customers or sales, almost 100% of your time is spent trying to drum up business. With any luck, that pays off and you land your first client, customer or sale. Then you get another. And from then on you spend all day every day, and many nights, busting your proverbials to keep up with the day-to-day work of fulfilling demand.

So why do you need to worry about marketing?

Because, as any successful small business owner will tell you, putting all your eggs in one basket is a very risky business. All it takes is for one client to drop out and you suddenly have a hole in your income and you’re back to eating beans on toast to make sure you can cover the mortgage.

You didn’t start a business just to be ticking over

You had a dream, a vision, a burning passion. Once you reach the stage where you’re doing as much as you physically can, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to grow your business. That takes new clients, customers and sales.

And that’s where marketing comes in (obvs!)

You need to promote your business to reach a wider audience. You also have a decent success story to promote by now. But you can’t take the time away from doing the day-to-day to plough into marketing without affecting that success.

Even in these days of digital – in fact, particularly so – small business marketing needs a significant time investment. It’s easy enough to get started with social media and assume you’ll be inundated with interest. The reality is that you’ve only just said hello, no-one’s going to be begging to move in with you without a lot more TLC.

Finding time to pay the bills

But in the time it takes to nurture those relationships, you need to be making the products, providing the services or doing whatever it is that pays the bills.

In addition, a high percentage of SMBs simply don’t have the skills to market themselves even if they could find the time. Why should they? They’re talented in their own fields, but they’re not marketers. So digital can appear to be a big, dark, vaguely scary box of tricks to many.

So if you’re one of that 28% of SMBs who find themselves in the same small business marketing Catch-22, drop us a line at Rocket Science. We know what it’s like to be a startup and we know how to do digital. In fact, that’s all we do. And we specialise in doing it for people just like you.

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