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User experience is crucial to the success of your website. If users find the site hard to navigate, can't find what they're looking for or keep hitting roadblocks, they won't convert into customers.

It takes just 7 seconds for users to form a first impression of your website, so you want that impression to be a good one. But it’s even more important that the subsequent experiences they have as they try to complete tasks on your site are positive. Those tasks can include: finding product information, signing up to a newsletter, downloading a brochure, buying a product… and many, many more.

No matter how good your website looks, it’s these user journeys which will influence how successful it is. We approach every user experience (UX) project as if we were a real live customer. So we can test each user journey just the way your customers would.

Our UX Design & Testing Process

We involve you at every step of the user experience design and review process, from initial feedback on proposals to testing and sign-off of the final implementation.

You’re the person who knows best what you want your customers to do on the website. That’s why our user experience design and review process is a highly collaborative one. We design great user journeys. But we need you to tell us whether it’s more valuable if a customer subscribes to your newsletter or downloads product information (just as an example). Armed with that knowledge we can ensure we create the right focus for visitors throughout your site.

  • Review Your Website

    We run an exhaustive review of your site, going through it just as a real customer would, to find what’s working well and where you might be likely to lose visitors.

  • Outline Priorities

    We create a full set of recommendations and talk them through with you, to ensure they align with your business goals and priorities.

  • Produce Wireframes

    Once we agree the order to tackle changes, we create wireframes to show how the site will flow after they’re made and how user journeys will work.

  • Review & Revise

    We review the wireframes with you in detail, for your feedback and questions. Then we update them where necessary and produce a final set for sign-off.

  • Make The Changes

    Once the final wireframes are approved it’s time to put the changes live. We can make changes to the website for you or work with your existing web agency to advise them on implementation.

  • Test & Launch

    Time for lift-off! After rigorous testing in a staging environment your updated site goes live and we monitor improvements in conversions, sign-ups, sales & user satisfaction.

From User Personas To User Testing

We can go deeper with user experience design by working with you to create user personas prior to reviewing the site, then running user testing once the changes are launched on the test site.

Understanding who your target customers are is key to good user experience design. We can work with you to create user personas which inform he user journeys we create. Different people will have different needs from your site, so we create several distinct users to ensure we capture the main profiles. Working through the priorities for each of these user types gives a clear picture of how to structure user journeys so they can accomplish their goals.

Once the changes are made on your test site, we can run live user testing by providing test users with a set of scenarios to follow. Each will have a defined goal – e.g. find product information, buy tickets for a set date, subscribe to an email newsletter – that is important to your business. Then we get feedback on how easily the users were able to achieve their set task. This enables us to update the user flows where necessary, increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

A great user experience also has the added benefit of boosting your search engine optimisation as it’s one of the factors search engines use to rank your website.

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